The Revolutionary Z Pattern: What is the Z Pattern?

What is the Z Pattern?

The Z Pattern is a never seen before and newly discovered fractal pattern on the line chart.

 Price moves in fractals, and like many fractal patterns the Z pattern is one of it’s own kind. This pattern benefits from strong momentums. It relies on the very move that created it in order to reverse the move.That is why it’s traded as a reversal pattern and pinpoints the exact ‘momentum reversal’ of price.

In a fast paced market trade execution is key and triggering a trade from the right level  gives traders the ultimate advantage. It lies in the nature of the pattern, that creates exceptional opportunities for traders to jump on a trade just before price is going to make an explosive move. And that is what we need to make money. The right combination of trade execution + explosive price movement.

You don’t need to be a trading veteran to take advantage of the Z Pattern. In order to make money you need to familiarise yourself with the pattern and be able to identify it. Here is an example of how the pattern works magic on the chart:

z pattern sample01



These explosive movements happen all the time and with the Z Pattern we are able to catch them over and over again.

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Identifying the Pattern

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