Results are in: 95% Win Rate!

Trade Results

Since the Z Pattern thread debut on BP in late September ’13, I posted 19 Live Z Setups. With 13 winners, 5 BEs and only 1 loss. I am proud to say that, after successfuly battling through one of the most compelling trading periods last year.

Z Pattern trading emerged to be the ultimate trading method to maximize profits when trading conditions get tough. See below a summary of each Setup with a link to the original post;

NZD/JPY 4hr 10-04-2013

Once Entries got triggered price on the charts made a major leap right into our profit levels.

CAD/JPY 4hr  10-07-2013

This trade was a perfect example of explosive moves. The moment Entries got triggered price exploded and moved into our Profit target. This Setup did indeed, leave a lot of traders stunned!

AUD/JPY 1hr  10-08-2013

Price made a sharp move after Entries were triggered but retraced all the way back down. Falling a few pips short of our initial TP. However Aud/Jpy managed to climb back up and push through our TP and far beyond.

NZD/USD 4hr 10-13-2013

Market closed  for the Weekend. While price was halfway through to our profit target. Risky and critical situation like these call for critical trade management. Keeping that in mind, stop loss was moved to BE (breakeven) in order to protect capital.

USD/CHF 1hr 10-17-2013

This trade is an all time favourite and fantastic example of momentum reversal. Once price broke through Entry level it managed to push down and come very close to our initial TP. During the Asian session Price Action was limited and the second push came with London market openings which hit initial Tp and moved several hundred pips beyond.
Regardless of a strong down momentum on the daily chart. Z pattern gave an opportunity to trade in between. And with proper risk management it yielded more than usual daily trades. Price triggered Buy stops and climbed to hit TP with a pip to spare in the very first push. Full profit was taken with an amazing Risk to Reward ratio of 1:2.
At the time the trade was risking to run into an NFP release while in profit with an R:R of 1:1. Moving stop loss to BE was a Smart Trade Management solution.
After Entries got triggered Price missed our TP by just a few pips. While market condition were really slow. We took some money off the table and moved the remainder to BE.
While USD/CHF gained strong momentum, on the 30 minute chart a perfect Z Pattern emerged suggesting a counter move which endangered our initial Setup. Leaving us with no choice but closing the position and playing the new setup.
Price was ultra slow on this pair and as mentioned in the post a tight stop loss was vital on that trade. Despite price moving in our favour the trade got eventually stopped at BE.
This trade kick started very strong. However Price slowed down by the end of the U.S. session and stood like that over night. But was picked up by a slow and steady move the next day. That pair managed to push towards our TP and far beyond.
A Z Pattern emerged on a level that we were stalking for a good while. After Entry got triggered price waited for the Us open to make it’s move. USD/CHF managed to climb further and past our initial TP flawlessly. With an R:R of a little over 1:2.
The end of the year was nearing and we were anticipating a longer move. Once Price triggered Entries our position moved smoothly far past  TP. We took first profits and managed the trade properly by bringing stop loss to BE. Unfortunately price became extremely unstable and started whipsawing up and down. Inevitably forcing us out of the trade. However a Week later another Z Pattern emerged and gave us the opportunity we were looking for, to make big gains from a strong momentum.
Despite all the jawboning in the coming hours, there were still trades to catch. That was a type of Z Pattern that had been extremely rare. But bore the momentum to slam price down.

After the trade got triggered it went well in the money with an R:R of 1:1. But price stalled and dipped too deep before picking up and taking it’s direction again. As a result the trade got stopped out.

First Tp was hit easily on this trade but price quickly turned
and stopped the rest of the trade out . As a result we were sitting on a Break Even.

Price pushed right into our Tp. From there two consecutive counter z patterns emerged which were the indication of a strong reversal that is still in play.

This trade was a superb example of a full momentum reversal where price climbed all the way to tp. With a big gain of 1:3 R:R.
This Setup reversed momentum with a huge candle to the pip! It mirrored it’s former momentum and made us big gains.
These were amazing results in such a short time span! There is no secret to mastering the markets. All is needed is determination, discipline and a sound Z Pattern knowledge. There is no trading myth in FOREX , subscribe today and get updated on new posts and  get access to the all exiting Live Trading Setups.

I hope you enjoyed this  article. Feel free to ask me any questions or share your opinion in the comment box below. You can contact me also at miadkasravi@zfxtrading.com and please like this post if you found it useful.



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