Trading Guide

Quick Guide to: Z Pattern Trading

A quick and comprehensive guide to trade with the Z Pattern.

This guide will run you through the steps I take to analyse market movements and identify where to pull the trigger. All the way to my exit strategy. (more…)


Once prices get sucked in these areas there is no going back. Resulting in massive momentum candles and rapid moves.

‘Price Void” is a market condition where traders are not showing much interest in a particular price range and therefore price momentum moves right past it, uninterrupted. The examples below expand further on this. (more…)

Break and Run

Once a major pattern has broken out. Everyone tries to play catchup. Only to find out that they are getting stop hunted. Not only that but with pattern breakout systems it’s always a 50/50, not to mention the ridiculous stops they require. But the tactic I am about to explain will put you on the winning side over and over again. (more…)