z pattern

Break and Run

Once a major pattern has broken out. Everyone tries to play catchup. Only to find out that they are getting stop hunted. Not only that but with pattern breakout systems it’s always a 50/50, not to mention the ridiculous stops they require. But the tactic I am about to explain will put you on the winning side over and over again. (more…)

How to Earn Money Trading Currencies?

There is a thin line between profiting in the markets and wasting valuable time.Have you noticed that most successful Forex teachers can teach you a great money making method but it doesn’t make you money? They write great psychological articles and go through an ‘In depth’ tutorial with you yet it doesn’t seem to change your account balance. In the end this is what it is all about. You didn’t come to the FX market to just spend your time on a good read. You came to make money!


How much to risk?

Risk management is Key in the Financial markets. It’s a component that keeps the professional trader in the market for year after year. Without correct risk management no strategy will sustain a trader’s account in the markets. But before we crunch the numbers we’ll have a look at the overall picture of risk management. (more…)