Z Pattern Strategy

Z Pattern Guide

Z Pattern Intro

What drives the markets? How can traders make money from it? Find out here.

What is the Z Pattern?

A Full insight into the Z Pattern and it’s ability to pinpoint explosive momentums.

How to Identify Z Patterns

The best way to familiarise yourself with the Pattern. Basic structure analysis with comprehensive Examples.

How to Trade Z Patterns

From setting Entries to Stop Loss and Take Profit. You’ll find the Full Guide here.

Z Pattern Types

All three types are outlined here. Plus, a very easy technique on how to spot Z Patterns on the fly.

What Invalidates a Setup?

Knowing when not to trade is important. You’ll find a Quick Guide here.

Z Pattern Examples

Numerous intraday  Z Pattern Setups  accompanied by trade management commentaries.

Z Pattern Trading Essentials

When to Trade?

Different trading sessions bring different environments. This article explains how to navigate through the day.

What Timeframes to Trade?

Find out which timeframes produce high probability trades.

Which Pairs to Trade?

Currency pairs,Metals…etc. There is no limit to this Pattern.

What is the Policy on News?

Learn the most dreaded and unpredictable news announcements in which You do not want to get caught up in.

How much to risk?

Without correct risk management no strategy will sustain the harsh market environments.


Using an Easy Tool

A super easy tool to scan through the charts faster!

Setting up the Charts

Here you’ll find out how to bring Line charts and Candlestick charts together into one chart.

Predicting what comes Next

Foresee price swings and anticipate as your ideas unfold.

How to Bargain Hunt in the FX market

Learn how to Buy cheaper and sell dearer.

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